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Artist: Kim Jonghyun
Track: Nothing Better
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{MULTI-fandom Noona^^}: SHINee singing other artists' songs compilation



Korean Artists
  • 7 Years of Love- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • At Least Once (Song Changsik)- Taemin (Watch)
  • Baby Baby (4men)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Babo (Park Hyoshin)- Onew (Watch)
  • Balloons (DBSK) - Taemin (Watch)
  • Because of You - Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Boys on Top (BoA) - SHINee (Watch)
  • Brownie Baby (Dynamic Duo)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Candy (HOT) - SHINee (Watch)
  • Clean Up/청소 (The Ray)- Onew & Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Clockwork (Lim Junghee)- Onew (Watch)
  • Confession - Minho (Watch)
  • Cooking Cooking (Super Junior)- SHINee ft. Suju (Watch)
  • Did We Really Love/정말 사랑했을까 (Brown Eyed Soul)- Onew & Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Embrace my Soul (Trax) - Key (Watch)
  • First Time (Brown Eyed Soul) -Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Forget You/잊을래 (SoulStar)- Jonghyun & Onew (Watch)
  • Gee (SNSD) - SHINee (Watch)
  • Girls (Wheesung)-Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Girls Generation (SNSD)- SHINee (Watch)
  • Goodbye City (Cho Youngnam)- Taemin (Watch)
  • Guilty (Dynamic Duo) - Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Gwiro/One’s Way Back  - Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Hope- Onew (Watch)
  • I Believe/Midohyo (DBSK)- SHINee (Watch
  • I Don’t Know (Um Junghwa)- Taemin (Watch)
  • Internet War (Seo Taiji)- Jonghyun & Taemin (Watch)
  • I’m In Love - Jonghyun (Watch)
  • I’m Waiting/기다려요 (Brown Eyed Soul)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • It’s Over/끝났어 (Jung Yeop)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Insomnia (Wheesung)- Jonghyun  (Watch)
  • It’s Fortunate (Lee Juk)- Onew (Watch)
  • Lefthanded- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Like a Man (Fly to the Sky)- Jonghyun & Onew (Watch)
  • Lonely Night (Boohwal)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Mirotic (DBSK) - SHINee  (Watch)
  • Nothing Better (Brown Eyed Soul)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • One Million Roses- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • One More Time- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Only One for Me- Taemin (Watch)
  • Pabo (Brown Eyed Soul) - Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Pabo - Onew (Watch)
  • Pajama Party (Super Junior)- SHINee & Suju (Watch)
  • Proposal/청혼- Onew (Watch)
  • Rainism (Rain) - SHINee (Watch)
  • Remember When I Was Your Lover - Onew (Watch)
  • Rokkugo (Super Junior) - SHINee & Suju (Watch)
  • Shake - SHINee (Watch)
  • Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)- SHINee (Watch)
  • Streaming Tears- Onew (Watch)
  • Terminal Mapo (Silver Bell Sisters)- Taemin (Watch)
  • Tradegy/비극- Onew & Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Wait for Me- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • With Me- Onew & Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Wrongful Meeting- Taemin & Amber (Watch)
  • Yeop Saram- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • You’re My Lady- Jonghyun (Watch)
Foreign Artists
  • Amazing Grace- Jonghyun & Onew (Watch)
  • Beat It (Michael Jackson)- Jonghyun, Jungmo, & Kim Taewoo (Watch)
  • Beauty and the Beast- Onew & Luna (Watch)
  • Because of You (Ne-Yo)- Jonghyun ft. Onew (Watch)
  • Cracks of my Broken Heart (Eric Benet)- Onew (Watch)
  • Forevermore (Ingram James) - Onew (Watch)
  • Get Up (Korn)-Taemin (Watch)
  • Gone (NSYNC)- Jonghyun (Watch)
  • Hair/Judas (Lady Gaga)- Key (Watch)
  • How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees)- Onew (Watch)
  • I Won’t Give Up (Jazon Mraz)- Onew (Watch)
  • Incomplete (Sisqo) - Jonghyun  (Watch)
  • Just Dance (Lady Gaga)- SHINee (Watch)
  • L.O.V.E. (Nat King Cole) - SHINee (Watch)
  • Like A G6 (Far East Movement)- Key, Amber, Kris (Watch)
  • My First Kiss (Kesha) - Key & Krystal (Watch)
  • Nessun Dorma- Onew (Watch)
  • OMG (Usher)- Minho (Watch)
  • Sen No Kaze Natte- Onew, Ryeowook, Yesung (Watch)
  • Sexy Love (NeYo)- Jonghyun & Jessica (Watch)
  • Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)- SHINee, Suju & SNSD (Watch)
  • So Sick (NeYo) - Jonghyun & Onew (Watch)
  • Still With You (Eric Benet) - Onew (Watch)
  • Turn Up the Music (Chris Brown)-Minho (Watch)
  • Where is the Love (Black Eyed Peas)- SHINee & F(x) (Watch)

All songs can be downloaded HERE
*Tried to make the MP3s as HQ as possible. The MP3s may be from different video sources so they could be better quality than the youtube versions*

there’s also shinhwa’s Wild Eyes

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